What is STEM Sista?

The STEM Sista program is a professional development program for young women in high school. It is designed to instill fundamental success principles, commitment and resiliency in girls, effectively setting them up for a life of tremendous accomplishment.

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So why is it such a big deal?

We live in a world where what one knows in terms of inter-personal skills, emotional intelligence, and networking, plays a crucial role in the success of their career and overall quality of life. We cover financial literacy, emotional quotient, personality profiling, personal presentation, and much more. On top of this, we place keen emphasis on both informing girls of career options available in today’s society, and the process of how to successfully attain their ideal career. Beyond this, we also teach workplace efficacy, cooperation, goal setting, project coordination, and a multitude of other crucial workplace skills.

Before one even decides upon a career path, their mental health, self-belief, and personal expectations will largely determine the level of success they will attain in their life.

Limited spaces available!

Each program has a focus group of under 15 students to ensure each individual young woman gets as much value from the course as possible.

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